weasel changelog

Version 0.0.5
released on 20.11.07

 * Support for snort 2.8.0 and snort
 * Added page to configure the user interface
 * Display Timestamps either in UTC or local time
 * Newly introduced extension interface
 * Many many bug fixes to the sql code
 * New Sensor-Status Page
 * Improved Documentation (First Steps Guide)

Version 0.0.4
released on 25.04.07

 * New: Allow to combine (mix) persistent filters
 * New: Color Header Fields in Hex Dump
 * New: Pipe paket trough tethereal / tshark
 * Replaced Persistent Filter Selection with DropDowns to save space
 * Fixed a bug on iplinks_inc.php (links didn't contain the ip.proto)
 * Improved Documentation
 * New: Sensors update a heartbeat timestamp in the db every 30 sec
 * Added Transaction Begin and Commit Statements
 * Fixed startup problem when snort is reading from file
 * New: Use filename as interface name when reading from file
 * Replaced printf()'s with LogMessage(), so messages are seen in syslog
 * Replaced all stored procedures in logger by discrete statements
 * New: Added new fields in weaselpacket: caplen / offsets of headers
 * Fixed a bug in plugins postgres connection management
 * Plugin has support for snort-
 * New: Determine paths in config_inc.php automatically
 * Removed unused resolver statements from logger
 * Various Improvements in Filter Code
 * Fixed a minor problem in the classification statistics for postgresql
 * Removed table weaselresolv and weaselclasstype from db schema
 * Added default user 'admin' to db schema
 * Improved Documentation (added first draft User Guide)

Version 0.0.3

 * Sequencing of logger thread was wrong when running in daemon mode
 * Fixed some small memory leaks when snort was restarting (SIGHUP)
 * Added generator mappings for the new preprocessors of snort 2.6.1.x
 * New: Stop immediately when interface name could not be determined
 * Better config parser
 * No longer print the config line as it contains the password
 * Don't use weaselget_reference when there is no snort center
 * Fixed an error in the classification statistics for postgresql
 * Added email field to user table
 * Replaced alluses of <? with <?php for better compatibility
 * Minor usability updates in gui filter code
 * Renamed default template to "military"
 * #define ENABLE_PTHREAD if posix thread support was ./configure'd

Version 0.0.2

 * Fixed a bug in the queue locking
 * Proper sequencing of loggerthread at startup
 * Cleanup of queue debug messages
 * Patches for all snort 2.6 versions 
 * Installation Instructions (for the first time!)
 * default queue size not 64M

Version 0.0.1
 * Added this Changelog

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