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weasel is an analysis console and log system for the snort (tm) open-source intrusion detection system. It allows you to see and analyze your snort alerts in your browser. Its main features include:

weasel started in 2005 as a diploma thesis for the degree of master of science in communication systems (@ EPFL / Eurecom). Since then, we kept on pushing, redesigning and simplifing. Now we feel that weasel is ready to be taken on a test drive. weasel is our attempt to give something bask to the community, that gave us so much. Enjoy !


we also have a live demo and a first steps guide with some more screenshots.


Installation instructions are available here: INSTALL | PLATFORM_HINTS.
Have a look also at the First Steps guide.

bugs, support and feedback

weasel is a young project and should be considered to be beta software.

Please send bug reports and support requests to the weasel mailing-list
or use the weasel web forum.


we want to thank all that made weasel possible:
Stefan Engel, Michael Semling, Livio Brunold, Leiggener Alain, Marco Schnüriger, Roman Ammann, Fabian Cerf, Stefan Burri, Florian Bühlmann, Daniel Gammenthaler and many others !

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